The Batman’s Grave #7

DC Comics

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Bryan Hitch

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Richard Starkings

The Rundown: To stop a killer before he strikes again, Batman will have to get unique with his tactics.

In the aftermath of what could be considered the perfect murder, Batman and Gordon leave the crime scene to continue their investigation into the death of a police officer. When the killer sends the Dark Knight a message in the form of blowing up the Batmobile, Batman and Alfred become more determined to track the killer down as well as his unseen boss.


With a violent mob attacking a government building in the city, Batman and Alfred decide to play a game of misdirection to give the killer a sense of security before springing a trap that will have the detective implore some unusual tactics to get information.

The Story: Warren Ellis injects some humor into this issue and it is both welcome and well executed. While the humorous aspects work, the story itself felt flat. It never really seemed to go anywhere and everything was so abrupt that it felt too short as well. There wasn’t anything compelling about the killer and the lengths Batman went through to get to him felt wasted. The ending was interesting and shows a darker side of the character that I want to see play out.

The Art: Bryan Hitch delivers some great art. One of the best parts of the art in this issue is that most of the scenes are character based and the details in the interactions between Bruce and Alfred are beautiful. I also really enjoyed the Batmobile designs as well.

The Batman's Grave #7




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