The Batman’s Grave #2

DC Comics 

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Bryan Hitch

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Richard Starkings

The Rundown: Batman’s discovery of the killer will only be one of the mysteries the Dark Knight will be tackling.


The killer is revealed and his attack on the Dark Knight will find the two fighting from the apartment to the streets of the city and the crazed killer does his best to kill Batman for discovering him.

In the aftermath, Batman meets with Gordon after the Bat-Signal lights up the sky. The Commissioner has a new case for Batman. One that will put him on the trail of the murderer of a corrupt former DA.

The Story: Warren Ellis is taking the story and the characters down some interesting and entertaining roads. The first few pages are exciting and thrilling. There are some great moments throughout and the banter between Bruce and Alfred is some of the best. I like how this Alfred relates to Bruce and needles him about the good he could do with his money instead of prowling the streets at night.  As much as I liked this issue, it seemed unfinished. Where the story ends doesn’t match the pace of the story before it and felt abrupt. I like that Ellis is transitioning this issue into another story, but the ending didn’t work for me.

The Art: Bryan Hitch’s art is fantastic. The first few pages involve a fight sequence that is both beautifully drawn and masterfully paced. I love how this issue was laid out visually and Hitch doesn’t waste any of the space with visuals that don’t enhance the story.

The Batman’s Grave #2




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