The Dark Knight Detective and the Man of Steel team up for a new series that will have the duo hunting down their own.

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The first arc of the upcoming Batman/Superman series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist David Marquez will see the heroes working together secretly to hunt down a group of heroes infected by The Batman Who Laughs into becoming twisted versions of themselves called the Secret Six. According to DC Comics; The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel must journey into the depths of Gotham City to learn which of their fellow heroes has been transformed into the horrifying horseman of their most dangerous and deranged foe ever.


In a sneak peek at the new series, a clandestine meeting in the Batcave will find the two heroes face to face with one of the Batman Who Laughs twisted versions of Robin. As they capture the boy, he reveals himself to be some familiar to both of them. Take a look at the sneak peek below and let me know what you think.


BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by David Marquez, will hit shelves August 14, 2019. BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1 cover art is by Marquez and Alejandro Sánchez.





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