Batman-Who-Laughs-2-Comic-CoverThe Batman Who Laughs #2

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jock

Colors by David Baron

Letters by Sal Cipriano

Alfred is doing everything he can to find a trace of the toxin in Joker’s body that he can use to synthesize a cure. At the same time, Batman is using every variation of anti-toxin he can find to try to hold back the change that will turn him into another Batman Who Laughs. When another Bruce Wayne winds up murdered in Gotham, Batman needs to go undercover as Harvey Bullock to get answers from the crime scene.


Answers that will lead him back to an emergency contingency he created in Wayne Tower.

When BWL makes his way into the building, the resulting battle between the Batmen comes to a dramatic and explosive end when Joker introduces a new Dark Multiverse Batman, The Grim Knight.

Snyder is pulling no punches in telling this story. Even with the scale of this story being what it is, this issue feels intimate, visceral and raw. The action and plot have a sense of immediacy that make everything that happens within the issue more powerful and impactful. Everything in the plot and with Batman himself feels like its balancing on the head of a pin and that any second something could happen to plunge everything into chaos. It’s an exhilarating ride to witness a world where Batman is at war with himself and the terror he can inflict minus his moral safeguards.

Jock’s art is beautifully brutal. There are so many amazingly dark panels that showcase how Bruce is falling over the edge with his body fighting the Joker toxin. The entire sequence at Wayne Tower is breathtaking in its beauty and details.


The Batman Who Laughs #2




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