Pages-from-BALLADSANG-5-MARKETING-1The Ballad of Sang #5

Oni Press

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Alessandro Micelli

Colors by Shari Chankhamma

Letters by Crank!

Our story comes to a bloody and beautiful conclusion as Minchella awaits the Dandies and, hopefully, his missing arm. What he isn’t expecting is for Sang to arrive with not only his missing appendage, but also the Black-Eyed Betties in tow. Sang decides to send one final message to the big boss and when Minchelli reveals a secret of his own, all hell breaks loose.


In a violent showdown between Minchelli’s men and the Betties, it’s all or nothing. Everyone is fighting for their lives and Sang uses all of his training as one of the most lethal killers in the world to press his attack on the boss that killed the man who raised him, but Sang has other motives for working so hard to kill Minchelli and they are even simpler.

Brisson has closed this story incredibly well. It was a fun, brutal thrill ride that saved the best for last as all the high-minded and complex motives for vengeance are boiled down to an explanation that is pure in its innocence and one that a child Sang’s age would make.

Micelli’s art complements this issue in the best ways possible. All the brutality that the narrative requires is depicted brilliantly in the art and the panels are well done. There is a kinetic manga style to the fight scenes that help to enhance the overall story and give the final showdown both weight and power. A great ending to a fun story.

Ballad of Sang #5




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