The Approach #4

BOOM! Studios

Written by Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley

Art by Jesus Hervas and Lea Caballero

Colors by Brett Weldele

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Abi and Mac have a plan to destroy the creature hunting the terminal.

Abi and Mac have discovered that the creature has built a nest in the terminal and they know the only way to stop it is to blow the terminal itself. As they prepare for the confrontation, Opal prepares for the arrival of the creature. When the two go looking for Opal and the other missing woman, they discover something that will force them to move up their timetable.

As Mac and Abi move to evacuate the survivors to the tarmac, Mac and Tucker head back into the nest with the explosives. After a deadly encounter with Opal, Mac manages to escape. Unfortunately, even the destruction of the terminal might not be enough to stop the creature as it emerges.

The Story: Haun and Hurley ramp up the tension throughout this issue. The story has some great horror moments filled with suspense. I love the buildup as well as the dialogue between the characters. Everything builds to a great cliffhanger ending filled with shocking moments that make me excited for what’s next.

The Art: Hervas and Caballero deliver some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. There are great moments of visual gore as well as awesome character moments and visual thrills.

The Approach #4



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