The Amazing Spider-Man #83

Marvel Comics

Written by Patrick Gleason

Art by Patrick Gleason

Colors by Morry Hollowell and Nathan Fairbairn

Letters by Chris Eliopoulos and Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter decides that it’s time to return to the world as a superhero, but is he ready?

At their expensive penthouse apartment, Janine marvels at the positive press Ben has been getting from the Daily Bugle. At the same time, Peter is dealing with something entirely new in the form of physical therapy at the hands of an old friend of his aunt and uncle. Someone who is not going to take any of his excuses. Peter also has something else he needs to deal with in the form of his spider-sense being a lot more vigilant and taking him on a strange trip inside his own memories.

In the aftermath, Peter decides to get help on his own terms by heading out into the city to get back into the swing of things as Spider-Man. His first foray back into the world of superheroes does not go well and he winds up being rescued by a familiar face. A familiar face that will force Peter to face something he hasn’t considered in a long time and learn a lesson from the people who made him the man that he is.

The Story: Gleason crafts an entertaining story in this issue. It was nice to get back to Peter-centric stories and deal with what he is going through and I like that Beyond took a back seat in the plot. Peter’s story is interesting, but lacked emotional stakes until towards the end. The foray back into being a hero was interesting as well as I liked how the cameo in it didn’t overshadow the story.

The Art: Gleason delivers some great art on every page. The details in the panels was great and I love the emotion on the faces of the characters.

The Amazing Spider-Man #83



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