The Amazing Spider-Man #72

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Federico Sabatini, Ze Carlos, Marcelo Ferreria and Carlos Gomez

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: As Spider-Man fights for his life, the truth of Kindred is revealed.

Peter is fighting to survive the onslaught of his enemies and Mary Jane is helpless to watch as Kindred tells her that more secrets and twists will be revealed. Harry and Carlie make their way through the catacombs and find themselves back at Carlie’s morgue where one body waits under a sheet for Harry to discover. At the same time, Norman finds himself facing not only the return of his darkness, but also the deal he made years ago to a mysterious stranger who wants something only Norman can give him.

Norman’s past is revealed and the deal he made is brought into the light. A deal that will give him the success and power he wants, but at a high price. As Norman faces the consequences and the truth about what he’s done, Kindred shows Mary Jane that he’s been planning his revenge for a long time right before showing her who he really is.

The Story: Spencer definitely knows how to craft and draw out a mystery and this issue proves that in spades. There are some great moments throughout, but the build up is what makes the story so compelling. Everything in this issue is really exciting and entertaining. I am invested in the story and the characters. All of the twists are intriguing and I cannot wait to see where everything leads for Peter and Mary Jane.

The Art: Each artist brings some phenomenal energy and detail to this issue. Each page is filled with wonderful visuals and I found myself going over panels to pick up on small details.

The Amazing Spider-Man #72



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