The Amazing Spider-Man #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by John Romita Jr

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Spider-Man is helpless to stop Tombstone’s next move as his plans include people close to Peter.

As Peter Parker’s personal life continues to take a dark and depressing turn, his life as Spider-Man is about to get darker. Captured by Tombstone, a bloody and bound Spider-Man is awakened beneath the city where the criminal gives him a short history of his life and the lessons he learned in his rise to power.

While Robbie Robertson finds himself in the hands of White Rabbit, his son has a life changing conversation with the daughter of Tombstone. At the same time, Tombstone reveals his plan, the death it will cause and how there is nothing Spider-Man can do to stop it.

The Story: Wells crafts a quiet, dark and intense story in this issue. The tension is palpable on every page and I love the unpredictability of the plot and how its characters move within it. The story does a beautiful job of setting up how dark and dangerous Tombstone is as well as how dark he is willing to go. I love that Wells gives the reader a look at the other characters in Tombstone’s orbit and how his actions will affect them. I also love the desperation from Peter as he feels powerless to stop what’s coming. That tension and terror make me hungry for more.

The Art: Romita Jr delivers some beautifully detailed and dark art that perfectly captures the tone and tension of the story. All of the close up shots of Tombstone give the character the weight and terror he deserves.

The Amazing Spider-Man #3



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