Teen Titans Academy #5

DC Comics

Written by Tim Sheridan

Art by Steve Lieber

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The history of The Bat Pack is revealed.

In the past, Diego Perez is caught wandering the streets by Nightwing, and is brought back to the group home in which he resides. Later, Diego reunites with his friends Lucas and Merissa. The trio then decide to sneak into the office of the home’s administrator as part of an investigation. Once there, the young people overhear something shocking. This causes Diego to make a daring decision that leads to a life changing event. After a deadly confrontation, Diego, Lucas, and Merissa are offered new accommodations from an unexpected source. In the present, The Bat Pack have a conversation with Red X that leads to surprising results. The group must then decide how to proceed.

The Story: Sheridan crafts an intriguing narrative involving The Bat Pack. Their hero origin story is heartbreaking and ominous. And Chupacabra’s particular story is both devastating and awe inspiring. Their earliest adventure explains their extreme curiosity regarding the mysteries surrounding the Teen Titans Academy. And I’m curious how their newly obtained information will inform their decisions moving forward.

The Art: Lieber uses a traditional drawing style that is complimented by a muted color palette. The detailed artwork and perfectly delivered tone make for a captivating issue that is exciting and interesting.

Teen Titans Academy #5



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