Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill / Pulp Fiction) has stated publicly that he only has a few movies left to direct before he retires. One of those final films has been announced and it is pretty intense.

Quentin Tarantino’s next film will take on the real life Manson family cult from the 1960’s and the murder of actress Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski. According to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, the director’s reps have been shopping the project to studios for additional financing. The Weinstein brothers have produced all of Tarantino’s previous films and this one is no exception.


In addition to shopping it to studios, Tarantino is said to be completing the script for the yet untitled film and is hoping to begin shooting in 2018. This will be the first Tarantino movie to take on real life events and not involve original characters.


He is also reaching out to A-list talent to star in the film. Reports claim that the director has sought out Brad Pitt for a role in the film. Pitt has worked previously with Tarantino on the film Inglorious Basterds. He has also apparently reached out to Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie for roles in the film as well. According to sources, Lawrence is not seeking the Tate role, so she may be looking to play a role as one of the female accomplices to the crimes.


This is a developing story. More on it as details come in.

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