Sweet Paprika #4

Image Comics

Written by Mirka Andolfo

Art by Mirka Andolfo

Colors by Simon Tessuto

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: Paprika will make a decision about who she is and what she wants.

Paprika finds herself in a deserted parking garage with the man blackmailing her with information about her father and his transgressions. Unfortunately for the man, Paprika knows exactly who he is and wastes no time telling him exactly what will happen to him should any of the video he discovered leaks to the press. Back at her office, Paprika wants answers about who her father really is and Dill’s presence is not helping matters.

Back at the office, she decides to do something unexpected and go to lunch with one of her subordinates. A lunch that will allow her to get a different perspective on her life and allow her to try to make some personal changes. Changes that will include confronting the voice of her father in her head and doing things he would definitely not approve of with people he would approve of even less. When she finally decides on what she really wants, she decides to enlist some unusual help to get it.

The Story: Andolfo continues to craft a smart, funny and fun story in this issue. The characters continue to be charming, intriguing and engaging. Paprika’s evolution continues to be interesting to see and her character arc has a great sense of reality to it. Despite the light mood of the series, there are some great discussions being had in the story as Paprika tries to discover who she is really is despite a lifetime of being told who to be. It’s a fascinating character study with a great, raunchy edge.

The Art: Andolfo has a brilliant eye for both detail and tone in the art. The subject matter allows for some great visual moments and all of them work both emotionally and to entertain and amuse the reader.

Sweet Paprika #4



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