Swan Songs #3

Image Comics

Written by W. Maxwell Prince

Art by Felipe Andrade

Colors by Felipe Andrade

Letters by Good Old Neon

The Rundown: Adeline and Evan find themselves and a new life in a dying world.

In the wake of a nuclear war, Adeline emerges from her underground bunker to find herself alone. At the same time, Evan emerges from his bunker and finds a ruined world populated only by himself, Adeline and the animals.

As the two learn about each other, build a small place for themselves and fall in love, their world gets better. When a group of scientists emerge looking to restart the world, tragedy follows.

The Story: An interesting and entertaining story that unfortunately suffers from a predictability that takes away from its potential suspense. Centering the story on Adeline and Evan worked well and I enjoyed those moments immensely. Unfortunately, as soon as the scientists were introduced, I knew exactly where the story was going and could only wait for the inevitable. If there was some unexpected twist within the narrative, I could be more engaged with the story, but there isn’t and everything unfolds exactly the way you expect them to.

The Art: Andrade delivers great art in the issue. There is an otherworldly tone to the style and it works brilliantly for a post-apocalyptic story.

Swan Songs #3



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