MeTV is partnering with DC Comics to bring the iconic B-Movie horror host to its pages with a new comic coming from the publisher’s biggest gun.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio and artist Chris Jones are teaming up for Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe. Both DiDio and Jones have been huge fans of the show, which debuted in Chicago in 1970 and currently stars Rich Koz as the titular host. “I’m a huge fan of classic sci-fi and horror movies and I grew up with Svengoolie,” DiDio said in a statement. “As a fan and a publisher, I never thought I’d have a chance to have Svengoolie in our books, let alone write the story. This is a fantastic opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited.”


Koz will come on board to assist with the writing on the book and released a statement of his own about the upcoming project stating; “This is a dream come true for someone who’s been a life-long fan of DC super-heroes since I first got into comics as a kid. I couldn’t be prouder to have Svengoolie standing side by side with these iconic characters. I definitely identify with them, too; after all, I have to put on my costume before I can do my job, too!”


Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe will run as a series of two page “chapters” in various DC Comics throughout the month of December and both Dan DiDio and Rich Koz will appear at a special panel celebrating Koz’s 40th anniversary as Svengoolie. Svengoolie airs nationwide on MeTV.

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