Superman & Lois

The CW

Season 1 Episode 7

Man of Steel

Clark races Jordan to the fortress after determining that his son’s super hearing is kicking in. After running tests, the only thing they can do is be there for him as he finds a way to filter out the noise he’s hearing. The scene is filled with action and showcases the vulnerability any parent feels when they want to help a child in pain. It’s a powerful moment in showing that helplessness with great performances by Tulloch and Hoechlin.

As Jordan finds a way to deal with what’s happening to him, the investigation into Luthor continues. Lana begins spying on Morgan Edge, Clark works with Jordan to hone his powers and Lois confronts the stranger which triggers a memory of his own world, his Lois and the events that led him to target that world’s Superman. The scene is really interesting, but the character motivation aspects still feel weak.

Lois decides to meet with the stranger and this gives Clark the time to investigate the man’s RV. After discovering his tech and hearing the name Luthor, he returns to Lois and the two discuss what all this could mean. Kudos to the production for acknowledging the multiverse story and incorporating it into the plot to help fans feel like this show doesn’t exist in a vacuum compared to the rest of the Arrowverse.

Edge decides to draw out the people looking into his kryptonite mining and Superman steps in when the stranger goes after the shipment. Superman steps in to mitigate the situation but the inability to find out what the stranger is after forces him to play along as Clark to get information. Another flashback reveals what happened to the other world Lois and what motivates the stranger to act as he gets Lois to agree to a meeting between him and Superman. We get the obligatory montage as the stranger and his daughter work on their plan to stop Superman on their world. It’s an ok scene for character motivation purposes.

Superman descends for the confrontation with the stranger. Lois finally discovers who the stranger is and its an awesome revelation for anyone who knows who the comic book character is. The scene is pretty intense and it culminates in the man of steel needing to be rescued which was a welcome twist. While the strangers character motivations continue to be iffy, the scene does play out well. The aftermath return to small town life was ok with Lana getting more than she bargained for with her new gig as spy and Lois and Clark come to a realization about hiding things from the boys.

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The latest episode does a overall great job of moving the bigger story forward without forgetting the family aspects of the show. While some of the character motivations are a stretch, the reveal was well done and the possibilities from it are intriguing.

Superman & Lois S01XE07



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