Superman Endless Winter Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

Art by Phil Hester, Ande Parks and Marco Santucci

Colors by Hi-Fi and Arif Prianto

Letters by Dave Sharpe and Troy Peteri

The Rundown: The tragic story of the Frost King might hold the key to the current frost enveloping the world.

Centuries ago, Edwald Olaffson began to manifest unusual powers. Powers that the people of his village counted on to help them with all manner of things including defense and protection. When the enormity of his power began to overwhelm him, the villagers quickly turned on him and his family. As the winter he produced continued to spread, they went after him and tragedy followed.

Superman finds himself stretched thin as the endless winter continues to spread across the globe. After rescuing Lois and the others from the Daily Planet, he tries to convince his wife to come with him to the new Fortress of Solitude to no avail. As he and the other heroes continue to fight across the globe, Superman finds that not even his parents home in Smallville is safe, but with him feeling frustrated he might find some peace.

The Story: Lanning and Marz give context to the character at the center of this event and the story is well told. Giving Superman some much needed context is also another well done part of this story and it makes it more interesting. Beyond that, I am still not invested in Frost King as a character especially since his current iteration is absent from the story. We’ll see if he’ll be a compelling enough threat going forward.

The Art: All of the artists bring their unique styles to the story and the issue has a well done visual look. I liked a lot of the visual moments throughout, but the flashback had the most engaging imagery.

Superman Endless Winter Special #1



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