STL077353Superman #45

DC Comics

Written by Patrick Gleason and Peter J Tomasi

Art by Patrick Gleason

Colors by Stephen Downer

First of all, both the cover and variant covers are gorgeous. Would be proud to have both covers on display, they are that good. It’s moving day at the Kent farm in Hamilton and everyone is there, including Krypto. Lois is in the mood to get things done and get it clean, while Clark is more reserved. Jon is the only one still holding on and a lesson from his father gives him the reason he needs to move on and move forward. This is pretty light story and that’s what makes it work for the most part. The inclusion of Boyzarro and Robzorro adds an entertaining note to the story as well.


Once again, this is a light story. There’s no conflict really other than the internal and personal. There’s no big bad plotting in the background. This issue is about Clark Kent and his family. What makes it work is that there is the sentimentality that you would expect from a Superman comic, but it never feels trite or unnecessary. It’s sweet without being saccharin.

If there was one thing that didn’t work for me, it was the county fair. I know the writers were going for the small town motif with it, but it didn’t really add anything monumental for me personally. It looked great visually, but I think it could have been trimmed and Jon given more time to reflect on his life in Hamilton.

Loved the guest appearance by Flash. Made sense to the story and was very fun.

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