Superman #31

DC Comics

Written by Philip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Scott Godlewski and Norm Rapmund

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Father and son fight to save a planet from a deadly infection.

Superman and Jon realize that the shadowbreed infection goes deeper than they imagined and that Clark’s ally has been infected. After fighting to escape from a group of the infected, Jon takes the former leader’s son to a secret lab that might hold a weapon that can stop the shadowbreed like Clark and his allies did before. At the same time, Superman goes to a local gathering to warn the people before the infected arrive.

As Jon works in the lab, he discovers a deadly betrayal. One that will force him to go on the hunt for his father. Clark discovers that is too late to save the people from the infection and that his presence on the planet is not a coincidence, but part of a bigger plan.

The Story: The plot works for the most part and when Johnson is centering the story on Jon’s fears about what could happen to his father, there is a sense of poignancy. Other than that, the story is forgettable especially when it comes to the characters and the conflict. There’s nothing in it that feels impactful enough to engage me in this particular story. Even the surprise in the plot felt empty.

The Art: Scott Godlewski and Norm Rapmund do fine work with the art in the issue, but the action is the only thing that really resonated. Everything else felt flat and there wasn’t a sense of danger in the shadowbreed when they were revealed.

Superman #31



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