Superman #30

DC Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Sean Lewis

Art by Scott Godlewski and Sami Basri

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb and Ulises Arreola

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Superman and son travel to a distant planet after receiving a distress call from an old friend.

Superman finds himself in a rare moment of peace spending time with his wife and son. When a call comes to him from across the stars, the moment ends and both father and son suit up to pay a visit to an old friend. When they find out that friend is gone, they are assured that everything is fine, but Clark’s suspicions lead him to the site of the battle that bonded him to his friend and discovers that the threat they believed over has resurfaced.

In another tale, the woman who broke Bibbo’s heart and her partner are still on the run and Jimmy Olsen assembles a group of Metropolis heroes to help track down the pair before they get to their real target, Superman. When Ambush Bug finds himself infected with Deadstream, he will have to work fast to remove the villain from him and track down his partner before its too late.

The Story: The main story has a compelling and interesting premise. I was impressed by the nature of the story and its ominous undertones while also enjoying the lighter moments and their meaning. I found myself invested in the story, the relationship between father and son and the threat they are facing. The Ambush Bug story was fun and had some great, silly moments.

The Art: Godlewski and Basri delivers some great art across both stories. The style of the Superman story art was great and eye-catching. The art in the Ambush Bug story was fun, light and interesting.

Superman #30



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