Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #8

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Bilquis Evely

Colors by Matheus Lopes

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Ruthye prepares to pass judgment as Supergirl fights to save a friend.

With Supergirl fighting among the stars, Ruthye has been left alone with the man who killed her father and sent her on a quest to avenge him. With his fate in her hands, he reminds her how vulnerable the people she left behind are. Ruthye makes a discovery both about the man she hates and herself as she decides his fate. A fate that gives the man better odds than he gave her father.

At the same time, Kara suffers the loss of a friend and her anger spills over into rage that she visits on the men who try to kill her. When Ruthye discovers something new about herself in the her fight with Krem, Supergirl arrives just in time for the two to discover not only why they were on this journey together, but also how it has changed them both in big ways.

The Story: Tom King blows me away with this complicated, beautiful and brilliantly written finally. This story has captured my imagination since the first issue and its plot, characters and takes on both morality and revenge have resonated with me as a reader. The story is brilliantly complicated and takes some wonderful thematic chances as it comes to a conclusion that is both entertaining and unexpected.

The Art: Bilquis Evely delivers some fantastic art on every page of this issue. The art style is beautifully detailed and delivers on the epic scale of the story and the personal nature of its characters.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #8



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