Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #6

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Bilquis Evely

Colors by Matheus Lopes

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Supergirl and Ruthye face Krem again.

As Supergirl encounters Krem again, her doubt that she might survive their next encounter forces her to tell her companion the story of her life on Krypton and everything that she lost. As Ruthye recounts Kara’s story, Kara and Comet race against the power of the Modru Globe before it transports her somewhere else she might not escape. As Comet rockets through space,  Ruthye recalls the horror Kara experienced as she watched her world die around her and lost someone she loved.

As she streaks across the stars with the globe following behind her, Kara’s story of triumph over adversity is mirrored by her fight to stop Krem and the globe. With the memory of her last moments in both Argo City and Krypton fueling her, she looks for a way to stop the Modru Globe so that she and Ruthye can return to face Krem for the last time.

The Story: King continues to craft a beautifully layered story of both triumph and tragedy. Ruthye is the perfect narrator for both her story, but also Kara’s and the story she tells gives great moments of depth to the character. I like that Kara’s story has so much depth regarding her time on Krypton because it makes her journey unique and engaging. The issue ends beautifully and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Evely delivers some beautiful and breathtaking visuals throughout the issue. There are so many striking and brilliantly detailed moments to be found throughout the issue that I found myself lingering on certain panels to take in everything I was seeing.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #6



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