sg-cv25-1149591Supergirl #25

DC Comics

Written by Marc Andreyko and Dan Jurgens

Art by Emanuela Lupacchino, Lan Medina, Brad Walker, Tom Derenick

Inks by Ryan McCarthy, Sean Parsons, Drew Hennessy,

Colors by FCO Plascencia, Chris Sotomayor,

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The 25th issue of Supergirl is broken down into three stories.

Picking Over the Bones


Kara, Krypto and their new companion Z’Ndr find themselves in the debris of what used to be Krypton. With her ship’s shield damaged, the radiation in the area begins to affect her and Krypto. When a new villain emerges claiming to be the Caretaker of Krypton, Kara must fight for her life as she discovers answers that seemingly link her dead father to the creature who destroyed the planet, Rogol Zaar.

This is the main story of the issue and the one that I wish was longer. Kara’s quest for answers has been the main through line of this arc and this deviation takes away from that to a certain extent. I wish there was more in this issue about Kara’s discovery, but the pace of the story was well done.

Z’Ndr Kol and The Lost Colony

It would appear that there is more to Dr. Kol that we thought as this short story has the doctor trekking through an alien environment in search of a rare flower only to discover the remnants of a massacred Kryptonian outpost. His curiosity about how it was destroyed and why leads him to an object that might hold the answers. It looks like there is more to Kol’s chance meeting with Supergirl than we know.

The Plourott

The Danvers family is decorating their tree for the holidays when Supergirl returns home covered in muck from a recent fight. After she cleans herself off, she has a teenage meltdown when her adopted mother accidentally gives her old clothes and other items to an orphanage. The story becomes about a missing stuffed animal that Kara’s mother gave to her as she was escaping Krypton and resolves how you would expect it to when Kara tries to break into an orphanage to retrieve a stuffed animal from orphans.

Supergirl #25




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