There are several great television shows on both cable and streaming services this year. We weren’t able to get to every show and there are some really great shows that we are binge watching right now. So these are our top five television shows of 2018.

Big Mouth (Netflix)


Raunchy and hilarious, Big Mouth delivered an incredibly funny and boundary pushing second season. Nick Kroll, Joh Mulaney, Jessi Klein and company take their animated counterparts on a twisting and twisted journey through puberty and adolescence that veers into some amusing and uncomfortable places in the second season. From hormone monsters to the Shame Wizard, Big Mouth took universal moments in adolescence and pushed them to the extreme with hilarious results.

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)


Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s Game) took Shirley Jackson’s gothic ghost story and expanded it into a hauntingly scary and affirming anthology series that introduced audiences to not only disturbing visuals, but a group of characters that you felt for as they dealt with tragedy and horror all around them. Each episode was visually stunning and disturbing, especially when you started to see the hidden ghosts located throughout each episode.

Westworld (HBO)


The second season of the hit HBO series took the conflict between the hosts and the humans to new and exciting places. There were moments of triumph as well as compromises made to characters that changed not only who they were, but also how you thought of them. There’s a big story unfolding in this season and its ramifications are going to be interesting to see when the series returns.

Daredevil (Netflix)


Marvel took the “Born Again” storyline and added some interesting and amazing character moments in the show’s final season on Netflix. Matt Murdock must find out who he really is as secrets are revealed and Kingpin unleashes a new menace on the city in the form of Bullseye. Vincent D’Onofrio is transcendent as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin in this season and there are so many amazing moments with the character that you want more of him on the screen.

Titans (DC Universe)


DC Universe takes the classic teen heroes and updates them for a gritty new series that sees Dick Grayson emerge from the shadow of Batman to protect a group of misfits from a conspiracy linked to one of their own. The show didn’t only concentrate on the core group of Titans. It also introduced characters like Hawk and Dove, Donna Troy and Doom Patrol, showcasing a bigger DC universe to be featured in the future.

What were your favorite shows of 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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