Super Powered Fancast's Sci-Fi Revisited Coming Soon!!

I’ve spent years in the company of new worlds and their visions of both the present and the future. I have immersed myself in worlds of magic and wonder over the years and I have a little twinge of nostalgia for some science fiction series that have been forgotten by some or never discovered by others. I would like to remedy that.


Misfits of Science

Starting next year, I will be revisiting some classic science fiction and fantasy television series that I personally enjoyed and that I think are worth a second look. Some series were and continue to be popular, some were a little esoteric and appealed to a smaller audience. All, in my opinion, deserve a first or second look. This particular series will span both the website and podcast and feedback and opinions are welcome.



Let me know what your favorite science fiction and fantasy series are. What series did you enjoy that either ended too soon or went on longer than it should have? Your response could end up either in that series editorial or on the podcast Super Powered Fancast. Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @superpoweredfan.

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