Suicide Squad #12

DC Comics

Written by Robbie Thompson

Art by Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Dexter Soy

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo and Matt Herms

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Rick Flag closes in on Amanda Waller while members of the Suicide Squad battle enemies in another dimension.

On Earth-0, Rick Flag and his crew invade Waller’s command center under the direction of Dr. Rodriguez. In response, Waller orders the death of the doctor and searches for a way to maintain her current situation. Later, she makes plans to retreat. Meanwhile, the current members of the Suicide Squad battle against their alternate dimension counterparts. Afterwards, they are surprised by a daring move by Waller. They also learn something interesting about a deadly weapon. Finally, Waller reveals something shocking.

The Story: Waller is always one step ahead of the game in this action-packed issue. In true form, she anticipates the moves of her enemies and manages to the control situation in an unexpected way. However, Waller is not in her most rational headspace, and she is making many unintentional errors, especially in terms of underestimating her employees and Suicide Squad teams. I am curious how long it will be before she makes a mistake that will finally cost her freedom.

The Art: This visually appealing issue has tons of action sequences that are exciting and transportive. Special attention is paid to both the forefront and background of each panel in a manner that is fully engaging and emotionally connective. This attention to detail is also shown in the content laden scenes and provides an insight into the characters’ mindset.

Suicide Squad #12



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