Cirroc Lofton’s weekly Star Trek review podcast and videocast with producer Ryan T. Husk, The 7th Rule, is just weeks away from completing the entirety of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Lofton, who portrayed “Jake Sisko” for seven years on DS9, has been watching his old show for the first time and discussing the episodes weekly, one by one, with his co-host, Husk. 

Wednesday, November 2nd, The 7th Rule made the announcement — via an Indiegogo pitch video — that they will be moving on to covering The Next Generation with Denise Crosby, who portrayed “Tasha Yar” for the show’s first 22 episodes as well as a few episodes in later seasons. Crosby has stated that she, like Lofton with Deep Space Nine, has never gone through and watched her old Star Trek episodes from 1987 and 1988. 

This will mark the first time a Next Generation series regular will be covering the show’s episodes. The 7th Rule is also the first to have two castmates, Lofton and podcast founder, Aron Eisenberg — “Nog” on DS9 — unite to discuss all Deep Space Nine episodes before Eisenberg’s untimely and tragic passing. 

The 7th Rule Next Generation episodes will begin on Sunday, January 1st, 2023, immediately following their last Deep Space Nine discussion episode. It will continue weekly just as the podcast has done for nearly four years. 

The 7th Rule, which originally began on January 14th, 2019, launched an Indiegogo campaign to announce the move that had surpassed their $8,000 goal in just eight hours and nearly $20,000 in the campaign’s first 24 hours. 

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