Stray Dogs Dog Days #2

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs

Art by Trish Forstner, Tone Rodriguez and Nate Watson

Flats by Lauren Perry

Colors by Brad Simpson

Letters by Gabriela Downie

The Rundown: More tales of the strays before their lives become intertwined with murder.


The mystery killer breaks into the wrong house and finds himself facing a dog that is fiercely protective of his owner. After injuring the man and giving the woman time to call the police, the killer leaves only to immediately find a new opportunity with Henry and his owner on a dark, rainy night.


Sophie is still not over her fear as her master releases her to run around a dog park. When she wanders off alone, she finds herself in the presence of a mysterious man and his dog Rusty. As her master speaks with his, Rusty reveals what kind of dogs and people his master lets him play with. Neither one of them knowing that they would see each other again soon.


Earl is the new dog in the house and doesn’t really understand what’s going on or why one of the other dogs keeps asking questions about where he lived before. As he roams the house with Ramon, they walk in on their master preparing to go out for the evening with some special tools.


Victor loves his life as a dog in a firehouse. He loves the firefighters he lives with especially Renee. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Renee’s friends in the firehouse decide to head to the home of the killer and

The Story: I love the return to this world and how unique the story is because of the perspectives it’s being told by. I also really enjoy that there are still surprises to be had within the narrative. The story does a great job of moving around time and giving more context to characters and events while also creating some great, new moments for the reader to enjoy.

The Art: The art continues to be an awesome part of this story. Its style is such a great visual tool that puts the reader at ease while also being visually jarring when acts of violence and terror occur. I love how the imagery works on so many levels.

Stray Dogs Dog Days #2



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