Stray Dogs #4

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs

Art by Trish Forstner

Colors by Brad Simpson

Layouts by Tone Rodriguez

Flats by Lauren Perry

Letters by Gabriela Downie

The Rundown: In the aftermath of Earl’s betrayal, the dogs will discover their master has a darker secret that will affect them all.

After Earl betrayed the rest of the strays, Victor paid the ultimate price. While the master looks through his trophy photos of his previous victims, Earl looks on as the rest of the dogs contemplate what to do next. When the master finally leaves the house, Sophie and the others have to decide what they are going to do, but first she needs to prove to all them, including Earl, the master killed Victor for remembering what he did to the dog’s previous owner.

Earl continues to refuse to believe that his master has done anything wrong and actively tries to prevent the other dogs from escaping. As he thinks back on his life with the master, the rest of the dogs look for a way to escape. When Earl finally decides to investigate on his own, he discovers that there is more that he doesn’t know about his master including what he has planned for the dogs in his care.

The Story: Fleecs definitely ramps up the intensity in this issue. The story takes some exciting and scary twists and turns that I was not expecting and the tension on every page is palpable. For a story about dogs, there is a definite thriller element to this story. I love how the characters come to realization and Earl’s journey in the issue is beautifully laid out. I can’t wait to see what happens next after the issue’s heart stopping conclusion.

The Art: Forstner’s brilliant art style is perfect for this story and its characters. The style is beautifully unassuming and draws in the reader before the story takes its dark and intense turns. Something that is done well and reflects the tension of the plot.

Stray Dogs #4



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