Stray Dogs #2

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs

Art by Trish Forstner

Colors by Brad Simpson

Layouts by Tone Rodriguez

Flatter by Lauren Perry

The Rundown: Sophie looks for more clues about what happened to her Lady as more secrets are revealed about their new Master.

After her first night in the new house, Sophie has trouble remembering her announcement to Rusty the night before. An announcement that accused her new Master of murdering her old one. After realizing she doesn’t remember, Rusty comes up with a plan to help her. After helping her remember, they discuss the private room in the house that none of them are allowed in. A room that Rusty and Sophie find unlocked when the man leaves the house.

After exploring the room and finding strange things they cannot explain, Rusty is caught and punished while Sophie hides and learns more about the man. After escaping the room, Sophie returns to the rest of the dogs in time to see Rusty return. Her time in the private room spurs Sophie to find more clues and one that she finds will trigger memories from another one of the dogs in the house about her former Lady.

The Story: Fleecs continues to craft an impressive mystery with this issue. Not only are the characters compelling, but the story is as well. I am intrigued by the mystery at the heart of the series and the world these characters inhabit. I also really enojy where the story is going and how the characters react to the unfolding plot.

The Art: I love the style of the art in this story a lot. The animation style characters juxtaposed with the dark themes and tone of the story work perfectly together.

Stray Dogs #2



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