Strange Adventures #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Michael Holt is brought in to investigate the claims made against Adam Strange and discovers some strange things himself.

With all of the growing controversy surrounding Adam Strange’s biography, Adam asks Batman to investigate. Bruce decides to bring in someone he can trust to run the investigation, Mister Terrific. Holt decides to purchase Strange’s book and read it while he works on other things. At first the book is a distraction, but as he reads it again and again, he begins to have questions about his colleagues memoirs and a big one about the books ominous dedication. Questions that he will ask the source about in due time.

Strange_Adventures_2_4 2

At the same time, Adam’s story continues on Rann. With everyone evacuating the cities and heading out into the desert, it is up to Adam and his wife to seek out possible allies to help them in their war against Pykkts. Their journey will be long and one of them will fall along the way, but Adam is determined to find the help they need.

The Story: The contrast between both stories is brilliantly executed by Tom King. King nails everything that is great about Terrific and gives the moments with the character a weight and gravitas that makes me want to read an entire Tom King Mister Terrific series. I loved how Holt’s day to day life was so varied and interesting on its own. The moments when the story focuses on Strange are just as well plotted and have the feel of a story being told with pieces missing. It’s designed to raise suspicion because it’s too good. The dialogue between Adam and Ayanna is too perfect and it’s missing a sense of the reality you get from the Terrific side of the story. A wonderfully executed issue that makes me yearn for the next part of the story and the inevitable confrontation.

The Art: Gerads and Shaner execute the art perfectly in this issue. Gerads gritty, detailed Mr. Terrific pages are the perfect film noir style of realism. Shaner perfectly balances that with a comic book style that is both beautiful and colorful. Both parts create a beautiful whole that is fun to experience.


Strange Adventures #2




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