Strange #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Marcelo Ferreira

Inks by Roberto Poggi

Colors by Java Tartaglia

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Clea and Stephen fight against the Blasphemy Cartel’s most powerful revenant.

Clea and Stephen find themselves facing one of the most powerful revenants they’ve ever faced in the form of the Sentry. Even their most powerful attacks are unable to stop the rampaging undead powerhouse and Director None is savoring his success as Clea remains at the side of her husband and will not leave him.

As the two prepare for the fact that their powers are not enough to stop the Sentry, Clea discovers something that will change the both of them. Something that could give them the power they need to defeat the Blasphemy Cartel once and for all. Something that could even bring them back together.

The Story: An entertaining, engaging and thrilling conclusion to this series from MacKay. The story does a great job of ramping up the tension and action and delivering something that could only exist in a Doctor Strange comic. It wonderfully utilizes both characters and gives them a great sense of balance as they face off against an interesting threat. I loved the end of the issue and look forward to what comes next for the characters.

The Art: Ferriera delivers some beautiful and thrilling art throughout the issue. The action was visually fun and engaging with every page and panel.

Strange #10



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