Storm Boy

Blowfish Studios


Take in the natural beauty of the Australian coast and experience a series of fun and relaxing minigames in this interactive retelling of Colin Thiele’s beloved 1964 children’s book. Play in the surf, soar through the sky, and enjoy animated vignettes that explore the friendship of Storm Boy and his pet Mr. Percival.



Storm Boy has very simple, but beautiful graphics. Nothing really stands out, but it does look good overall. The character designs are good, but the backgrounds are really where the game shines. There are beautiful details in the lush rendered backgrounds and the Australian coast looks enticing.



Most of the game consists of walking along the rich coastline until you get to the next objection. In between, there are short minigames to play that range from flying as a pelican or digging for clams. The instructions are relatively simple, but the repetition can be a little boring after a while. From a control standpoint, there are some elements of the game that are difficult based on poor controls. One of the games requires the player to take control of the pelican Mr. Percival, fly out to a boat in the middle of a storm and drop a line.

Starting the game was fine, but if you miss the line drop, there is no way to go back and try again. I had to shut down the game and restart it three times before I figured that out.



This is a casual game that one would play maybe once or twice. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough varied content to entice a player to pick it up again.


Storm Boy




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