JJ Abrams production company Bad Robot and prolific author Stephen King are gearing up to bring audiences a new series steeped in the history and mythology of his fictional Maine town of Castle Rock.

The series will air on Hulu and is assembling an impressive cast. It’s been previously reported that actress Sissy Spacek will be joining the series as Ruth Deaver, a former professor who’s failing memory might hold the key to the mystery of Castle Rock’s past. In addition to Spacek, the series has attracted a bevy of stars to take the journey to Maine.

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Andre Holland (Moonlight) will play Spacek’s adopted son Henry, a death row attorney with a complicated history with Castle Rock.


Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe) plays Jackie, a death-obsessed and self-appointed historian of Castle Rock.


Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness) has joined the cast as Molly Strand, a woman with a rare medical condition that is finding it increasingly hard to make a living as a real estate agent in a town where almost every property she sells was the site of a nightmare.

More casting news should be coming soon. Castle Rock is set to begin production this year with a premiere date on Hulu somtime in 2018.

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