JJ Abrams production company Bad Robot and prolific author Stephen King are gearing up to bring audiences a new series steeped in the history and mythology of his fictional Maine town of Castle Rock.

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The series will air on Hulu and is assembling an impressive cast. It’s been previously reported that actress Sissy Spacek will be joining the series as Ruth Deaver, a former professor who’s failing memory might hold the key to the mystery of Castle Rock’s past. In addition to Spacek, the series has attracted a bevy of stars to take the journey to Maine.

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Andre Holland (Moonlight) will play Spacek’s adopted son Henry, a death row attorney with a complicated history with Castle Rock.


Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe) plays Jackie, a death-obsessed and self-appointed historian of Castle Rock.


Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness) has joined the cast as Molly Strand, a woman with a rare medical condition that is finding it increasingly hard to make a living as a real estate agent in a town where almost every property she sells was the site of a nightmare.

More casting news should be coming soon. Castle Rock is set to begin production this year with a premiere date on Hulu somtime in 2018.

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