Step By Bloody Step #3

Image Comics

Written by Si Spurrier

Art by Matias Bergara

Colors by Matheus Lopes

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: As the girl becomes a young woman, the temptations of a new world could destroy both her and her protector. 

With their lives constantly on the move, the young woman and her powerful protector continue to clash as the young woman believes that there is more to life than running and her protector continues to deny her the truth. When what they believed to be a friend leads powerful forces to them, the young woman discovers something new as the handsome and mysterious commander offers her food and a chance to see a new side of the world. 

Reluctantly, the protector goes with them to the kingdom where the young woman is taken in by the lavish lifestyle, new people and experiences. Unfortunately, the horrors of the regime and its commander continue as war comes to the kingdom and the commander will use it as an opportunity to separate the naive young woman from her protector once and for all.  

The Story: Spurrier continues to craft a beautifully emotional and resonating narrative in this story that relies brilliantly on the visual presentation to tell the story. Even with no dialogue, all of the emotion and motivations of the characters come through in their interactions and the story continues to be compelling and engaging throughout. 

The Art: This story cannot exist without the imagery and visual poetry of Matias Bergara‚Äôs art. The art conveys everything that the story is trying to bring to the reader and it is brilliantly challenging and beautifully simple in its execution. 

Step By Bloody Step #3



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