Star Wars: Yoda #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Alessandro Miracolo

Colors by Annalisa Leoni

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Yoda and Anakin take on the final megadroid to stop the Separatists.

 After destroying the secret base that was being used to create the powerful megadroids, Anakin and Yoda find themselves confronting the final prototype on the planet’s surface. With the droid proving to be hard to destroy from the outside, Yoda decides to find a way inside the thing to discover a weakness.

Unfortunately, the droid decides to take Yoda on a one way trip to deep space. With Anakin in pursuit, both Jedi must find a way to stop the droid and rescue Yoda before he succumbs to space. The voice dogging Yoda through his time on Dagobah is revealed.

The Story: Guggenheim uses an action filled story to tell an interesting emotional tale for Yoda. The characters interactions with Anakin are great and the action is thrilling throughout. The pacing is a little fast making the story less immersive than I hoped. I really enjoyed the buildup of the moment Yoda confronts the voice speaking to him through the force and what it means for his story going forward.

The Art: Miracolo delivers some great art in the issue. The visual style works well for the action and does a really good job of showcasing the tension.

Star Wars: Yoda #9



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