Star Wars: The High Republic The Blade #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Marco Castiello and Jethro Morales

Colors by Jim Campbell

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Porter Engle and Barash learn more about the conflict they find themselves in the middle of.

With a mercenary army at the gates of the city, Porter Engle and Barash learn about the city’s defenses including their weaknesses. While Barash attempts to learn more about the motivations behind the conflict, Porter wades into the mercenary ranks to speak with their leader.

As a temporary cease fire begins, Barash learns from the missing princess why she and her new husband were so motivated to marry in secret. At the same time, Porter tries to reason with the opposing faction, but their leader has other ideas.

The Story: Soule delivers an exciting, inventive and engaging story in this issue. I loved seeing the evolution of Porter and Barash’s friendship and how those events inform their action in the present conflict. The story is filled with great action, tension and humor. The tension draws in the reader as plots continue all around the Jedi as they learn more about the people they are trying to help. I love the cliffhanger towards the end of the issue and what it will mean for Porter.

The Art: Castiello and Morales deliver beautifully detailed art with great style. The action is visually thrilling throughout and I love the look of the world.

Star Wars: The High Republic The Blade #3



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