Star Wars the High Republic – Shadows of Starlight #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by David Messina and Jethro Morales

Colors by Mattia Iacono

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Marchion Ro has led the Nihil to victory and now must prepare to govern his new territory.

It has been a year since the fall of Starlight Beacon and the creation of the stormwall that keeps the conquered planets in and the Republic out. As the Nihil spend weeks in celebration of their victory, Marchion Ro sits back to watch until he is reminded that their victory means that he now has an entire system to govern as the Eye of the Nihil.

As Ro and his forces attempt to show their power to his new subjects, he makes tenuous alliances with people who have their own issues with the Republic. As the year progresses, Ro begins to make plans to not only keep the systems in line, but also craft a new weapon to take down the Jedi.

The Story: Soule crafts a dark and entertaining story from the perspective of Marchion Ro and it does a great job of showing the power of the character as well as his flaws. I enjoy seeing the reality of victory coming to the character and what that means as well as the growing list of new characters that could be a bigger threat to the Republic. I look forward to seeing more of this story unfold.

The Art: Messina and Morales deliver thrilling art throughout the issue. I love the scenes of Ro looking over his people as they celebrate and how it shows his inability to revel in that victory. I also really enjoy the final few panels and what they mean for him going forward.

Star Wars the High Republic – Shadows of Starlight #4



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