Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Season 1, Episode 10

Common Ground

Official Description – The Batch has their ideology challenged.

The show opens on the modern world of Raxus. When Senator Avi Singh defies the Empire, and and urges the citizens to fight against the new government, he is taken captive and troops are called in to maintain order. However, his loyal android escapes and searches for help.

Back on Ord Mantell, Cid has a new mission for The Batch. However, her assignment entails rescuing a former member of the Separatist government. While this displeases the ex-Republic members, their debt to Cid forces their compliance. The Batch must then travel to Raxus to face off against the Empire and acquire their target.

Unfortunately Omega, still the mark of bounty hunters, is left in the care of Cid and her associates. After giving Omega harsh criticism regarding her place within The Batch, Cid discovers an interesting talent possessed by the young person. Then, Cid and Omega employ a scheme that has a positive impact on all the member of The Batch.

There are a lot of good things happening in this action packed episode. We are once again given access to the happenings during the rise of the Empire. This time, the impact on the Separatists are explored.

Throughout The Clone Wars, the two opposing governments were shown in both their humanity and war-mongering. I am happy to see that the same applies in this series. This episode was important to see, as it solidifies the Empire’s total control over the Galaxy. Even as a dedicated fan, it is easy to forget that both The Republic and The Separatists were absorbed into the new government.

I also like how Hunter and his teammates had to deal with their own inner conflicts. Helping the Senator gives the group insight on their previous opponents and it humanizes them. Its a big step in realizing that the galaxy’s new fight is against one destructive force. And I can’t help but wonder at what point will The Batch be tempted to join the future Rebellion. As always, I greatly anticipate the next chapter in this saga.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S01XE10



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