736757._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Star Wars #61

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Andrea Broccardo

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

SCAR Squadron is still stuck on Hubin and their investigation of the planet’s computer systems finds something that Leia was hoping has disappeared.

The rebels crash land at the local Imperial Impound Yard in order to find new ships (including Sana’s). Luke marvels at the fighting prowess of Tula and her men. In a somber moment, the grieving Tula reveals her feelings to the young rebel pilot and the two separate as Luke goes on the hunt for Ackbar and the rebel fleet.


After securing the location of the fleet, Luke, Han and Leia find Ackbar and reunite with the fleet. Han returns to his beloved Millennium Falcon and Leia tells the Admiral about her plan to take down Queen Trios and her financial support for the Empire. It’s a bold plan that Ackbar worries might have more to do with Leia’s desire for revenge.

Kieron Gillen does a good job with the tone and dialogue for this issue. It moves at a good pace and sets up the conflicts to come for both the rebels and SCAR squadron. As much as the issue moves the overall plot forward, there wasn’t much in this issue that stood out as interesting or engaging. It was fine for what it is, but if it were the first Star Wars comic that I picked up to read, I would be hard pressed to find much in it to entice me to pick up the next issue.

The art by Andrea Broccardo is great. Hopefully, the next issue will give the artist more to do visually.

Star Wars #61




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