720358._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Star Wars #58

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by GURU-e FX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Luke is not handling waiting well. Han is handling it too well and Leia has revenge on her mind.

Trapped on planet Hubin, the rebels find themselves cut off from the outside conflict. Something Luke is not taking well, despite the additional time he’s spending with the attractive daughter of their host Thane Markona. Luke wants to return to the fight as soon as possible to face Vader, but the isolationist world has no means of reaching anyone. So Luke decides to craft his own transmitter.


At the same time, he begins combat training with Thane and learning more about his history, his secrets and his connection to the Jedi through his daughter. The reveals add an interesting element to Luke’s story as well as round him out as a character.

Han finds planet Hubin to be pleasant enough for him to not be in a hurry to leave and the time he spends with Leia allows him to reveal more about himself, including a hint at a familiar connection to his past.

Leia is acting distant throughout this issue. While she continues to be pleasant to their hosts and even actively flirting with Han, there is something brewing under the surface. When Han goes to Leia’s room with her, he sees that she has not forgotten the betrayal the Rebellion suffered at the hands of Queen Trios and she’s been using her time on Hubin to craft her response.

I like the directions that this story is taking. In the absence of Vader or his influence in this story, Gillen is showing the darker side of his children in this issue through their plans and impulses. It’s interesting to see Han try and navigate his interactions with them as he seems to be in the position of trying to quiet their anger for the most part.

The art in the issue is great. I really enjoyed the composition of the panels and art style. Well done issue.

Star Wars #58




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