Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Illyrian Enigma #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Kristin Beyer and Mike Johnson

Art by Megan Levens

Colors by Charlie Kirchoff

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: The arrest of his first officer will send Pike on a dangerous mission to find answers.

After a series of successful missions as Captain of the Enterprise, Pike and his crew find their morale rocked by the arrest of first officer Una Chin-Riley by Starfleet Command. In its aftermath, some members of the crew think they may have a way of freeing Una by learning more about her people. A proposition that is difficult with Starfleet regulating the ship to delivery missions to keep its Captain busy.

After bringing their proposal to Pike, the Enterprise continues on its current mission as the Captain reaches out to an Illyrian colony that has some interesting secrets. Secrets that will cause the Enterprise to change course to investigate. An investigation that becomes a lot more dangerous when the ship finds itself trapped by the Illyrians who have a demand for the Federation.

The Story: As a fan of Strange New Worlds, I enjoy how this issue has the feel of the series with the dialogue between the characters and the general tone of the story. The comradery between the characters is engaging and I really enjoy the mystery at the heart of the story and how it connects to Una. The story captures the spirit of Star Trek and the series really well and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Art: Levens delivers some beautifully detailed art on every page of this issue. The characters look amazing and the environments are visually engaging and immersive.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - The Illyrian Enigma #1



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