807378._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Star Trek Picard #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson

Art by Angel Hernandez

Colors Joana Lafuente

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: Picard’s negotiations with the Romulan governor don’t go as planned and he will need the help of some unexpected allies if he’s going to escape alive.


With communications cut off and the threat to Romulus growing, Picard finds himself the “guest” of the governor. Unwilling to sacrifice the native population to the cataclysm to come, the two are at an impasse about the evacuation of the planet and the governor believes that holding Picard will give her leverage in negotiations.

When her latest meeting with the Admiral yields the same results, his transfer back to his cell is interrupted by an uprising of the local population and an unexpected prison break for himself and Commander Musiker. When they discover the architects behind their escape are former Romulan spies with an secret of their own, things get even more complicated. To make matters worse, the governor has managed to manipulate her way onto the Verity where she makes her next move.

The Story: One of the best things about this issue is that Beyer and Johnson have the time and freedom to explore not only the intrigue of the story, but the characters as well. The writing effectively utilizes the tension to tell a story with a sense of immediacy and true stakes for both Picard and the indigenous people of the planet. There is a lot going on, but the writers keep the story on an even an interesting pace. I continue to be both intrigued by the direction the story is taking and interested in where it goes next.

The Art: Angel Hernandez offers some beautiful art in this issue. The characters look fantastic. The action scenes are filled with energy and everything moves in perfect complement to the pace and tone of the story.


Star Trek Picard #2




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