Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson

Art by Tony Shasteen

Colors by JD Mettler

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: The Klingons have agreed to peace talks with the Federation and on a neutral planet, things take some dramatic turns.


Ambassador L’Rell and the Klingon delegation have landed in a show of power and the Federation delegation do their best to greet the potential allies. Pike has asked Spock to stay and advise him as he makes his play to show the Klingons that everyone is on board for the peace talks.

As the talks wind down for the day, L’Rell asks to speak to Spock alone. Knowing they have a connection through Michael, the Klingon leader asks Spock to keep an eye on the Klingon delegation and report to her anything that is suspicious. Unfortunately, that becomes a moot point when a group of Klingons attacks the peace talks and kidnap the Chancellor, forcing Spock and Pike to make a hasty and dangerous escape.

The Story: This is a relatively straight forward story. The plot moves at a good speed and there are some interesting character moments throughout. The moments between L’Rell and Spock are interesting and set up some interesting plot moments going forward. Other than that, there wasn’t much else there. I like the Pike/Spock dynamic a lot, but there is a part of me that wants to get deeper into the aftermath of Discovery’s disappearance rather than Klingon politics and peace talks. I’ll see where the story goes next with the hope that things get more interesting.

The Art: The characters and locations look amazing. Shasteen knows how to frame a scene well and the action was a highlight of this issue.

Star Trek Discovery Aftermath #2




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