Star Trek #400

IDW Publishing

Written by Chris Eliopoulos, Will Wheaton, Declan Shalvey, Mike Johnson, Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art by Luke Sparrow, Joe Eisma, Seth Damoose, Megan Levens, Angel Hernandez and Ramon Rosanas

Colors by DC Alonso, Ronda Pattison, Steve Dellasala and Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Jake Wood, Nathan Widick and Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: A series of stories celebrate Star Trek and its characters.

Captain’s Log

At the end of the voyages of the Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk, a log is made by someone who has an eye to the future while remembering the lessons of the past. Someone who takes their service on board the Enterprise and everything he’s learned to a new command that will test him and his new crew as they continue the journey of exploration.

A great story filled with nostalgia that does a wonderful job of transitioning from one adventure to another. Great art punctuates some of the best moments from the adventures of the Enterprise.

Soldier On

Miles O’Brien captures a Cardassian spy during the height of the war and reports his findings to the Captain of the Rutledge. When the Cardassian is killed while Miles is working on the brig systems, we discover that a familiar face is involved. One that will have a connection to O’Brien in his future.

A good story that does a wonderful job of connecting two characters that never really interacted much on Deep Space Nine, but whose history is rooted in the events depicted.


Scotty wakes up next to Keenser and berates him for the ship not being ready.

A really short story that is basically a tease to another story, but it is so ambiguous that it doesn’t really tease anything.

A Matter of Choice

Wesley Crusher has a decision to make. One that will require him to seek the advice of someone he respects. As he pays a visit to Captain Picard, a threat to the galaxy forces him to remove Picard from space and time to seek his advice and council. A conversation that will take him back to the people who helped guide him and give him the courage it will take to seek out the person he will need to help him save the universe.

A great side story that brilliantly connects Wesley’s journey to the second season of Picard. Also serves as a wonderful way to connect back to the Next Generation and their influence on the character.

The Starfleeter!

Detmer crash lands on an alien planet and finds herself facing off against L’Rell when they both realize they might need each other to survive.

A cute, but ultimately forgettable story.

A Perfect System

Gary Mitchell is no longer completely human and he knows that something is coming. Something that threatens all of existence. Something that will require Gary to reach out to Starfleet officers across the timeline in an attempt to save the universe.

A wonderful short that does a great job of introducing a really interesting epic crossover event that I am excited to see happen.

Star Trek #400



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