Star Signs #2

Image Comics

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Megan Levens

Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick and Ruth Redmond

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Rana’s encounter with another person with powers will change her life forever.

Rana finds herself confronted by Tatiana in her apartment where the two clash with their powers as Tatiana tries to bring her in. After freezing time long enough to escape, Tatiana is confronted on the streets by an FBI agent and flees. An agent who turns out to be someone with his own powers who is trying to help a panicked Rana.

At the same time, a young boy and his mother are being threatened with deportation when the boy shows off his own powers. Powers that will help the two escape as well as reveal to the boy that there are others out there with powers of their own.

The Story: Ahmed continues to craft an interesting world in this series and this issue introduces not only some interesting characters, but the beginnings of the conflict that will drive the plot forward. I really enjoyed the pacing of the story and how the characters are being introduced. The story has a more intimate feel with the characters interacting directly with each other and that gives the reader more insight into them while also teasing the bigger conflict to come.

The Art: Levens delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The art is lively and beautifully composed to take advantage of the character focus of the scenes.

Star Signs #2



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