Spider-Woman #14

Marvel Comics

Written by Karla Pacheco

Art by Pere Perez

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by VC;s Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Jessica Drew confronts Michael Marchaund regarding a recent robbery attempt.

Jess opens the story with a narration that reflects on her past. In the present, Jess questions Michael about a recent break in. She then discovers his disturbing ultimate plans. Later, she and a good friend make plans to recover something dangerous. Afterwards, Jess breaks into a building and is confronted by a new foe. During the altercation, Jess is met by something unexpected. To her horror, she must then face a deadly surprise.

The Story: Pacheco once again delivers an exciting and humor filled adventure. Her interactions with Lindsay are a treat. And I hope the two will soon pair up on an adventure. But, as always in this narrative, familial issues abound. My heart bleeds for Jess. This poor woman can’t seem to catch a break. And while it makes for a compelling story, I can’t help but worry what it will do to her psyche in the long run.

The Art: Perez and D’Armata create some amazing illustrations in this visually appealing issue. The actions scenes are engaging and fun. And the attention to detail in the drawings really make you feel apart of the story.

Spider-Woman #14



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