Spider-Verse #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Taran Killam

Art by Juan Gedeon

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Miles’ trip through the multiverse will bring him to the old west and an adventure with the tough talkin’ Web-Slinger.


In a wild west world, Ponderosa Parker, aka the Web-Slinger, finds himself hopping on board a speeding train to stop it from being robbed. After a thrilling adventure, Parker is rescued by a bewildered Miles Morales who believes that he has been sent to Earth-31913 to find the Web-Slinger and help him until he teleports again.

Miles will get to test his theory when a young woman enters their camp with a story about an unstoppable villain terrorizing the people of her town known as The Scorpion. Web-Slinger and crew go riding into the town and into an ambush by the Scorpion and his poisonous stinger. Miles gets the people to safety while Parker squares off against the villain with the fate of the town in the balance.

The Story: Web-Slinger is a fun character and Killam does a great job of leaning into the absurdity of the moment while making the story both entertaining and the character endearing. There are a lot of great moments in this issue that remind the reader of what is so special and unique about the character of Spider-Man and how those traits can manifest in different and interesting ways. The story does a really good job of blending the action and humor together in a way that lets the reader laugh and be thrilled at the same time.

The Art: Juan Gedeon does some great work with the art. There are a lot of thrilling visual moments throughout and both the train fight and the final battle are exciting to watch.

Spider-Verse #4




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