The Matrix trilogy made the Wachowski’s household names and set them up to command any project they wanted to in Hollywood. In 2008, they and Warner Brothers released the film Speed Racer.


Based on the original Japanese anime from the 1960’s Speed Racer is the story of a family involved in automobile racing and their son Speed who has adventures on and off the track. Warner Brothers adapted the anime to film with a $120 million dollar budget and released it to poor reviews and a final domestic box office of $93.9 million. While the film was not successful in its initial run, it has gone on to cult movie status with many fans, including the film’s star Emile Hirsch.


Hirsch recently took to his Twitter account for the ten year anniversary of the film and remarked how his child loves the film and then the actor Tweeted to his followers about the Wachowski’s plans for a sequel, including the fact that the script for the sequel is already completed. A sequel the actor says would be “mind-blowing”.

The Wachowski’s have been hit or miss with audiences since then with acclaim for films like Cloud Atlas and poor performances of films like Jupiter Ascending. A sequel to Speed Racer might be what the directing duo needs to draw in an audience.

What do you think of a sequel to Speed Racer? Would it be something you went to see if it were made? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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