782908._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Spawn #300

Image Comics

Written by Todd McFarlane and Scott Snyder

Art by Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, J. Scott Campbell, Jason Shawn Alexander and Jerome Opena

Inks by Todd McFarlane, J Scott Campbell and Jonathan Glapion

Colors by FCO Plascencia, Brian Haberlin, Peter Steigerwald and Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by Tom Orzechowski


The Rundown: A family gathering will showcase the violent shift the world is taking as Spawn goes after Wanda’s killer.

A family gathering leads to violence as a young girl kills everyone around her and it turns out the incident is not isolated. At the same time, Mark confronts Al about how his plan is causing destruction everywhere. Al refuses to say more, but tells his ally that all of this is part of his plan.

When Al heads to a secret facility where the forces of heaven and hell have concocted a way to decimate the world of man, an old enemy of Spawn’s decides to take away Al’s powers with the help of a former rival. What they don’t realize is that this is also part of Al Simmons plan and they will discover that the power they gave him isn’t all that he is.

The Story: Todd McFarlane pushes the character to the limits in this issue. Everything that has building up in this latest arc is revealed and the real work can begin for the character. It’s great seeing Al come into his own. I love seeing the character take more control of his fate and act strategically rather than be reactive to the larger forces around him. This is a great issue from start to finish and reminds the reader of everything that is great about this character and his world.

The Art: The art in this issue is splendid. Not only does Jason Shawn Alexander keep the dark, ominous tone that this story needs, but J Scott Campbell, Greg Capullo and the man himself Todd McFarlane remind the reader why their visual styles are so perfect for this character.

Spawn #300




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