spawn-292_c4a15caa47Spawn #292

Image Comics

Written by Todd McFarlane

Art by Szymon Kudranski

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

Colors by Lee Loughridge

The next phase of Al’s plan goes into effect and it will require him to pay a visit to Jim Downing.

Marc breaks out of his fear long enough to finally start asking questions of Spawn. He tells him that he needs to know more in order to understand what he’s doing and Al agrees. After telling him everything that he knows, including why he needs to see Downing, Marc agrees to move on with the next part of the plan. That part consists of convincing the media to follow the Spawn story internationally.


With pressure mounting in the corridors of power and the press finally starting to put pressure on the administration, Spawn prepares himself for his next battle. This time, a vampire arrives with the intention of baiting Spawn emotionally. When he finally realizes that Spawn is different and has a plan, Al finds a violently effective way of getting the information out of the creature. With the information he needs, Al goes to visit the former Spawn and puts the next part of his plan into action.

Todd McFarlane continues to weave a tense and thought-provoking thriller in this series. I continue to be interested in what Al’s plan is and how deep it will go before he reveals his hand. There is some great pace to the storytelling in this issue and the plot continues to be engaging.

The art stands out as well. There is a great difference in art styles between the way Spawn is rendered and the way humans like Marc are drawn. That contrast makes creatures like Spawn scarier in comparison.

Spawn #292




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